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We planned activities, Shabbatons and conventions for other high school students, organized social action and community service programs, and advocated for Israel.

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I was confused, however, by the focus on the negative implications of the amended standards.

For me, these new amendments represent the opposite.

If the Jewish community is open, welcoming, embracing, and pluralistic, we will encourage more people to identify with the Jewish people rather than fewer."Brian Blum is a freelance writer, journalist and editor.

He works for an eclectic mix of newspapers, online magazines, universities, non-profit organizations and public companies.

However, they note that some USYers come from families where only one parent may have grown up in a Jewish home, or who may have at one point had a relationship with a non-Jew.

Rather than alienating those teens by treating interdating as a strict taboo, the new language preserves the principle that dating within the faith ensures continuity while acknowledging that it’s a sensitive subject.

The amendments demonstrate that these values of respect and inclusivity are alive and well in today’s Conservative Jewish youth.

"This Normal Life," his personal blog, has appeared weekly since 2002.

By focusing on respect and creating wonderful memories associated with Shabbat and other aspects of Judaism, USY instils lifelong Jewish values in today’s teens.

As a former USYer and ECRUSY staff member, I can appreciate how challenging it is to spread the word about USY and the importance of being involved in the Conservative Jewish community, so I was excited to see USY mentioned in the media.

Wedding Email Series: If you and your partner are from two different faith backgrounds and planning a Jewish or Jewish and…

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