collection not updating sccm - Intimidating dog fail

Most dog bites, lunging and over barking is due to the dog being afraid not being dominant.

Dogs tell us early that they are tense or afraid but we miss those signs.

They will not get cold - if you are worried get a doggie coat.

With short hair you can see if the dog is staring or looking away. When they tense up their body you can see it with shorter hair.

By immediately biting, this dog learned that aggression worked best.

If your dog suddenly snaps or attempts to bite for no apparent reason, get your pet to a certified veterinary behaviorist.

Confusing - yes - he likely learned to do this for attention.

This is why it is so important to become very observant of the whole dog and understand what this dog is saying.One must be very observant to the whole body of the dog and what that dog does as it is showing these behaviors.Many people focus on just the face or eyes of the dog.And looking at only the "smile" one could not tell if he would be friendly or aggressive.It was the rest of the body that showed this was a friendly body language sign from this dog.So pay attention to the head, ears, body and tail as you read what your dog is saying.

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