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If not, skip to the part where you organize a place and time to meet – like I did.

You’ll find more information on real life meetups in Part 3.

This means that there is a greater chance you will find your introverted lover online rather than some antisocial pub-obsessor with vomit stains over their top.

Dating sites, unlike initial real life contact, provide many useful filters to locate possible suitors.

This can be a pro and con, sifting out possible partners but also providing compatibility functions such as personality tests, likes, dislikes, values, beliefs, ethnic and religious backgrounds and hobbies.

Pre-screenings are another useful, time-saving option. Pre-screenings allow you to gain a small snapshot of a possible suitors profile and basic information as well as a photo of them.

Though small talk can feel a bit hollow and superficial, it’s not supposed to be profound; it’s merely a way of connecting with another person, said Sophia Dembling, author of “Any decent human being, interested or not, will take polite flirtation as the compliment it is.” Introverts tend to clam up at big parties, seeking out the nearest snack table, dog or cat.

Not going to gatherings ― or decamping to the corner once you get there ― will limit your opportunities to meet new people.However, remember that you will eventually want to meet them. Skype and MSN messenger are two popular examples that support video calling as well.Building up intimacy online is the best approach in my experience, as it allows a friendship to grow and be nurtured first. If you are prepared, you can move onto video calling next and finally phone calls. At large, this guide is written for non-introverts, but can also be used by introverts interested in dating an introvert as well. For those still trying to decipher this strange breed and make the first move (since it’s 99.9% guaranteed introverts won’t), I want to provide you with the Rossetti stone of dating an introvert.“Knowing all this will make it easier to arrange your first date in a conducive place.” There are two types of people in this world.

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