Iphone email updating

However, if you do this, consider enabling badge icons for your messaging app so that you'll at least know you have a message you've yet to read.

Badges are the little red circles that appear in the upper-right corner of apps, such as the Mail app, that notify you of unread messages.

Alerts are displayed in a roughly two-inch by one-and-a-half-inch box in the middle of the screen.

To update to the latest version of i OS, open the Settings app and tap General Software update.

You'll either be welcomed by a note letting you know you're already running the most up to date version of i OS, or be prompted to download and install the latest update.

The message box spans the width of the screen and is just under half an inch tall, and is ideal if you don't want your incoming messages to cover up the bulk of any content on your i Phone screen.

You can enable banners for text messages by tapping "Settings" and then tapping "Notifications." Tap "Messages" beneath "In Notification Center" and then tap "Banners" beneath Alert Style.

While Apple's i OS system is pretty secure, there are ways to make sure that your i Phone is as secure from hackers as it can be - and here is where we show you how.

Our first tip on securing your i Phone against potential hackers is a fairly simple one - make sure that you're always running the most recent iteration of i OS, including smaller 'dot' updates.

You can change how your i Phone displays text messages in the Notifications part of your phone's Settings app.

Choosing to have incoming text messages appear as banners makes them appear in a box at the top of your screen.

Press the "Home" button to save your changes and close the Settings app.

Alerts are the default display mode for text messages on the i Phone.

The latest version of i OS is i OS 11, but point updates for i OS 11 are regularly released so it's important to keep an eye out for those.

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