Is audrina dating corey 2016 divorce dating uk

At that point, Patridge reportedly called police, and nine days later, on September 15, she reportedly claims she received a visit from child protective services.

people can't just try to come in between us and tell us lies. And it's very ugly.) But in this same ET interview, Patridge did say that having a young child at home was a strain on the pair's marriage. we haven't really been on a date just him and I since we had the baby,” Patridge said, adding: "We have a calendar now…

It's like, 'No, that's not true.'” So, what went wrong? and it's really nice because I'll give Kirra a bath every night and get her ready for bed and put her to sleep and he'll cook us dinner, so there's a balance." It can be difficult to find time for romance when a couple also must find time (A LOT of time! Whatever the cause of their split, we wish Audrina and Corey the very best in the future.

“We've been through all those pitfalls, I feel like, before we got married," she said at the time, explaining: “We experienced the reality side of it, the made-up stories in the tabloids, other people trying to get in between us and the gossip and the rumors…

"I feel like we are so grounded now and we have each other's backs no matter what…

A judge granted Audrina full custody of their child, 22-month-old daughter Kirra, and Corey was given visitation rights, with drop-offs to occur at a police station and conversations between the parents to be held through the communication service Talking Parents.

Last month (Mar18), Audrina also asked a judge to strip Corey of his visitation rights after allegedly displaying “angry, rude and emotionally abusive” behaviour toward Kirra and keeping tabs on his former partner’s whereabouts.

After welcoming a daughter in June 2016 and getting married last November, according to TMZ, Audrina Patridge has reportedly filed to divorce Corey Bohan after reportedly filing for a temporary restraining order against him on Monday.

TMZ reports Patridge filed for divorce on Wednesday and that the temporary restraining order request appears to be due to alleged domestic violence.

TMZ adds that the restraining order she filed for on September 18 has since been granted.

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