Is chelsie hightower dating mark ballas Cam chat ipad babe

What’s kind of neat though, is that if you watch American Idol, you actually got to see the moment that they first met.

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Paul is now dating actress Nikki Reed (from the Twilight series and other movies)!

It seems like such an unlikely pairing…well, maybe not pairing, but unlikely meeting, I should say.

w=199&h=300" alt="" width="199" height="300" srcset=" w=199&h=300 199w, w=100&h=150 100w," sizes="(max-width: 199px) 100vw, 199px" / Either way, unless you personally know either Pia or Mark, it’s all just speculation and rumor.

Just know that Pia is doing just fine after being rejected by AMERICA!!!

You can view her pictures and watch Chelsie’s videos on Dancing with the Stars. Chelsie was born July 21, 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chelsie and her family moved to Orem, Utah, when she was 6.

Chelsie was the youngest in the family of 6 children.

She and her five siblings who were all boys used to play all kinds of sports and especially soccer.

As far as I can tell, Paul still has his band The Grand Magnolias (if you go on their website can listen to their music, get their links to follow them on Facebook & Twitter & even buy their album…which I actually enjoyed very much!

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