Is robin wright penn dating anyone

” Her aunt provided a “haven” for the teenage Pippa, who seemed to have had something of a fascination — perhaps even a mild crush — on Kat.

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Her uninhibited 20s and first meetings with Herb begin to inform their current relationship, which has its rocky moments indeed.

Those moments come to a head when we find out about one particularly shocking detail from the past — and a few unsavory goings-on in the present.

In those brief moments, Pippa plays the naughty schoolgirl and the devious dominatrix with equal relish, and it feels much like her early days, when her mother would truss her up like old movie stars and take her picture.

She genuinely enjoys the attention — something that comes into play in much more dangerous ways later in her life.

Kat’s vices aside (and entirely unknown to her partner), Trish is the most responsible parent figure in the whole film.

When she first takes her niece in, she assures her young charge that she can stay as long as she likes, so long as she leaves with a high school diploma, and she plays mediator when mom and dad try to collect their daughter.

Chris (Keanu Reeves), the 30-something son of another retirement community couple, makes a big impression on her.

He’s an under-achiever, but a complete sweetheart, evidenced by his compassion and thoughtfulness.

Refreshingly, Trish’s (and Kat’s) sexuality is never mentioned in a negative light, despite the time period (late ’70s/early ’80s) and otherwise “conservative” family dynamic.

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