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These are pretty standard payment methods you’ll find on most major dating sites.

Features The features available in a basic membership are pretty predictable.

This site has been providing its members with great service since 2005.

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The platinum membership includes everything you get with a standard and a gold membership, but it also includes a couple of extra perks.

When another member performs a search your listing will rank above members that do not have a platinum membership – chances are most people will click on one of the first few people they find and that’s the advantage of having a platinum membership.

The first step is to choose whether you want to sign up with your Facebook account, or if you want to create a new user profile.

The choice is yours, but if you don’t want to jeopardize your privacy it’s probably best to create a new user profile specifically for this site.

is one of the premier Asian dating sites for people interested in dating people of Japanese origin.

As part of the Cupid network it comes with all the features and benefits of that network.

You can browse through member listings in order to get an idea of the potential match’s available to you on the site, you can send some basic messages to paid members, and you can add photos to your profile.

Gold and platinum members have a lot more options – there are certainly advantages to being a paid member.

Another great feature of the site is that it displays in the top menu bar the number of members that are actually live on the site right now.

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