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Arriving with my husband Tony at a two-day course called ‘Rescue Your Relationship’, we’re given a form to complete.

The first question is, ‘How do you react to conflict in a relationship?

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The workshop leaders are Maria Arpa and her partner (in love and business) David Ellis.

CPS founder Maria, 53, has been on quite a journey to reach this point.

I was a bulldozer.’ Even though she had what she wanted, she began to feel lonely.

‘I lost connection with people because they were only responding to me because they were frightened of me,’ she says.

Remember, the reason we usually feel offended is because of the meaning we attach to what is said or done: “That means he really love me!

And then, just maybe, you will see that you too played a role in the drama. Move from there, but right now, here, you are complete. And life will be a more consistently happy place to live. My purpose here is to teach you how to live a richer life of greater purpose and meaning, of mind-blowing possibility and deeper, more soul-satisfying happiness than you ever dreamt was possible.

A well-known religious leader once said that whenever he hears that he has offended someone, his first response is to stop and think if, in fact, he may have said or done something that could have given the of an offense. If you expect others to act and speak a certain way, or assume others will be as kind or compassionate as you, if you’re offended when they don’t rise to the level of your expectation, you will almost always be offended or on the verge of it.

That, by itself, is a great attitude of humility that would make him almost immune to offense. He went on to say that he often found that he had indeed said something that could have been construed as offensive. This way, less in life will offend you and happiness will be much less fleeting too.

And certainly, any given opinion or set of opinions are not the whole of who you are. Resist that urge and delay judgment until the conversation has run its course. So just let it be, shrug and let it slide off your back.

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