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Japan would continue holding the pole position until 2013, when China deposed it.The change was largely driven by China’s increased interest in the development of Kenya’s infrastructure, with the game changer being the construction of the SGR.

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It is a thinly veiled exercise in condescending bigotry. Unlike the future if we let the author and her friends in Remain be in charge – which will be one where we all have options and choices. Ah, so the lizard brained cowards are allied with White, small-town Tories?

The bigot’s eye view of all those who she lumps together in her glib and condescending description of parochial, lizard-brained, stupid people who are full of fear and empty of concern except for their pensions. I think this is a reference to John Major’s cricket playing idyll.

France, which has lately been also making inroads into the country, is the third largest bilateral lender, having extended to the Kenyan Government loans valued at Sh63.2 billion by last year, up from Sh59.4 billion a year earlier.

Worryingly, the stock of China’s relatively expensive loans is fast catching up with concessionary loans given by multilateral organisations such as the World Bank and IMF.

So our choices according to Ms Penny is a ‘Remain’ Britain filed with options and choices or a ‘Leave’ Britain, which is some pastiche of small town suburban and rural England where stupid working class people vote like turkeys for tea-on-the-lawn- white people.

I think Ms Penny might need to get out of London a little more often and widely. She does eventually get round to something approximating an insight.

This rivals multinational institutions such as the World Bank and United Nations, whose combined debt stock stood at Sh526.6 billion last year.

China’s debt stock is almost certain to increase further this year as construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) enters its second phase, with Kenya said to have borrowed a further Sh165 billion for the extension of the railway line from Nairobi to Naivasha.

Last year, Kenya’s debt to multilateral institutions increased modestly from Sh798.8 billion in 2016 to Sh844.4 billion.

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