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Really like the new couple Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min, they have a really fun chemistry.

The events are obviously planned, I wouldn't go so far as to say the actions of the idols are scripted, but I'm glad that there is a level of script, because they have tried leaving WGM members to their own devices, and the truth is, there's nothing really to do.

I think the one huge barrier to authenticity was the camera set up. They do have a sound crew and a video crew follow them around when they go outside though, and the PDs are obviously fishing for lovelines/relationships with the house rules and some editing.

It implies that they're following a script, the words coming out of their mouths are pre-determined, nothing is being done out of free will. The goal of these shows is to entertain, and they employ 'writers' (again, 'planners' would be a better title) who come up with the overall theme of an episode/segment and instruct the stars with a broad outline of how things should progress.

The level of spontaneity depends on the star, of course - some can be trusted to make great TV when left to their own devices, others will need some help.

If it gets awkward you're given pointers to move things along.

But you're not given a script - if the audience wanted that they'd watch a proper drama, starring much better;dr - planned, not scripted.

These make the show seem more like a normal variety segment rather than a marriage show..

The new show, Roommate, is a lot more interesting if you were looking for authenticity.

As I dont understand korean (just a few words) I cant really judge if they are acting in the way they speak, not in audio at all tbh as there is heavy editing in korean shows over all (at least from my impression).

I do understand it's heavy editing in a show like this as well, like there always is in "reality" tv shows, but sometimes I just see a pure moment of truth that keeps me coming back for more and I'm wondering what your thoughts are?

There's a huge camera crew in front of you, you would never do anything you'd normally do in a dating scenario.

WGM Global is about as transparent as it gets with their behind the scenes.

As I dont understand korean I often have to sort of remove my attention from the "screen" and read what is going on and I guess I would be able to see this more clearly if it was in my native tongue but how much of the show is scripted?

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