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She and Tanya became close friends during the Zeo and Turbo era.

She then meets Jason, the original Red Ranger and Tommy's old teammate and Jason became the Gold Ranger.

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Zedd and Rita captured her in a chamber and try to make Kat evil again, Tommy eventually came to the rescue after finding the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception and frees Kat.

Master Vile used the Orb of Doom to transform all the Rangers back into children and Kat had to find her Zeo Crystal in the Australian Outback and found the Pink Zeo Crystal.

The Rangers go through with the deal and had met with Rita, Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas but was tricked to find out that the container which contained Ninjor was empty as for the Rangers' plan B, they activated a shield protecting Katherine from evil.

however the Tengas was able to destroy the shield allowing Rito to kidnap Katherine.

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In the end, she chose Cassie to take her place as the new Pink Turbo Ranger and left for London to begin her career as a ballerina.

Is unknown if she is still together with Tommy or not, but most of fans think she and Tommy got married because the episode "A season to remember" suggested that would be his future.

After Rocky, the second Red Ranger and the Blue Zeo Ranger and Tommy and Adam's teammate made a wrong move and threw out his back and is unable to rejoin the Rangers, Justin was selected to take Rocky's place as the new Blue Turbo Ranger.

She became an older sister figure to Justin as Tommy becomes an older brother figure to Justin.

When she broke free, she was near Angel Grove's Gym & Juice Bar with Kimberly inside training for the Pan Global Games.

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