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Also: whether the First Amendment applies to flipping off a cop; a celebrity mom whose famous hubby "nursed" to relieve her painful mastitis; and a woman who had "vegan" tattooed on her forehead.

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Season 10, Episode 148May 16, 2018Flawless and bronzed skin in minutes; a new fix for under-eye circles; avoiding summer hair damage; National Women's Health Week; and DIY ways to keep insects away.

Season 10, Episode 147May 15, 2018Elderly homes, pole dancing and silent disco; an MRI that burned a hole in a patient; a Stage 4 cancer survivor opens up about one of the hardest decisions both her and her husband have ever had to make; celebrity esthetician Shani Darden shares her biggest skin secrets; an update on Chrissy, who at one point weighed over 500 pounds; and financial expert Chris Hogan shares tips on managing medical debt.

Season 10, Episode 152May 22, 2018What reality TV does to the brain; why people aren't married; celebrity health trends; a toothpaste ingredient that might be causing canker sores; and whether a cold shower improves health.

Season 10, Episode 151May 21, 2018Whether a woman's extreme breast asymmetry can be fixed; the world's first colonoscopy rap called "The Bowel Prep Shuffle!

Also: getting high on the job; whether caregivers get the help they need; a woman's dramatic body makeover; the trendiest foods of 2018; and how smelling a partner's dirty laundry can improve one's health.

Season 10, Episode 142May 8, 2018Whether Busy Philipps' homemade garlic nasal rinse is safe; the causes of numbness in the middle of the night; whether one can transmit a UTI to a partner; a woman's fear of driving following an accident; money-saving tips for summer travel; whether a gallbladder flush works; and Jennifer Aniston's salad secret.Also: a possible cure for hair loss found in fast food French fries; the nation's very first "marijuana spa"; and a controversial school policy that instructs female students not to say "no" when boys ask them to dance.Season 10, Episode 149May 17, 2018A guest reveals the brand new smile that was stolen by 13 years of bulimia; a new school trend that bans "best friends"; a woman who discovered she has two anuses; and a new study that says more sex improves sleep.Season 10, Episode 154May 29, 2018DIY epinephrine auto-injectors; a doctor who won't go online; a young cancer survivor receives a makeover; a severe case of scoliosis that has put a young woman's life and wedding plans on hold; a blackhead popping video; the brain benefits of beet juice; and the best bargain in retail therapy.Season 10, Episode 153May 23, 2018A blood test test for cancer; doctor suicides; if pistachios can help with weight loss; blaming a DUI on the autopilot; whether smartphone pinky syndrome really exists; a "Vanderpump Rules" exclusive; honoring wounded warriors; whether the uterus doubles in size during one's period; and distinguishing stretch marks from a rash.R.; the effectiveness of a sleep patch that promises a better night's sleep; and a simple way to boost one's run.

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