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Three months later, with the requirements of stringent veterinary-health protocols met, the elk made a 12-hour trip by semi-trailer, arriving at Peck Ranch Conservation Area shortly after a.m.

The timing was critical to keep the animals cool and minimize stress.

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And we’ll be here to help you show conservationists around the world what is possible when you dream big and never give up.” Missouri’s elk will remain in the holding pens at Peck Ranch for up to two weeks to allow them to acclimate to their new home.

When the time comes to release the elk from the pens, workers will quietly open gates at night, so the animals can leave on their own when they discover they no longer are confined.

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When he glanced up at Plattner, she teased “Why are your eyes so big, Chip? Mc Geehan was referring to the return of wild elk to Missouri after an absence of 150 years.

The elk began their odyssey in January, when they were captured by MDC staff in cooperation with biologists from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.Overwhelmed by emotion after opening the trailer door, she turned to Conservation Commissioner Chip Mc Geehan and placed her hand over her heart in a gesture of awe.Mc Geehan joined Conservation Department biologists wielding plywood shields as they herded the elk from the trailer and through a series of gates to sort them into holding pens.As in those places, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is in this for the long haul in Missouri, too.We will remain by your side to ensure these elk not only arrive, but thrive.Peck Ranch’s refuge area will remain closed to the public through July.

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