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This is where the survivor can use the share of their property owned by the first to die for the rest of their life before the share passes on to the next generation.This means that the survivor can continue to occupy the family home for as long as they need to.

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However, many professionals will strongly advise you against Mutual Wills as they can cause problems for the survivor, restrict the survivors use of the assets and essentially not meet your wishes.

There are often much simpler ways to achieve the same results and safeguard your assets.

Asset Protection Trust Wills can ensure that your partner can still use and benefit from your assets if you die first, but if the survivor does ever need full-time care, your assets will not be used to pay for it.

It is common for a couple to make Wills leaving their estate to each other on their first death and to their children or other family on the second death.

It is common for a couple to leave their cash, investments and personal possessions to each other outright and for only their property to be subject to an Asset Protection Trust Wills as doing so will have no significant impact on the survivor's day to day life or standard of living.

A life interest Trust for a share of property in Asset Protection Trust Wills is extremely flexible and if they wish to do so, the survivor can decide to move to a new property and use all of the money from the sale of the property to purchase a new property which would be held on exactly the same terms.

By talking to one of our specialist team we can help guide you through the process and advise you accordingly on what best suits your needs.

Mirror Wills are made when two people make Wills which reflect the terms of each other - for example, a husband and wife may make Wills which leave everything to each other on the first death and then everything to their children on the survivor's death.

The problem with this is the survivor is free to change their Will at any time and the first parties chosen beneficiaries could be cut out completely.

The survivor could remarry which would mean their Will would automatically be revoked and, again, the chosen beneficiaries of the first to die will lose out.

At present, if a person enters full-time care and they have property, savings & investments worth more than £23,250 then, generally, they will have to pay the cost of their care themselves (figures correct as at 2014/2015).

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