Lochte dating i am dating an extrovert

They are smiling and apparently with all belongings.

I do not believe this to be consistent with someone who had just been robbed, even in a country unfamiliar." Renzo went on to say he thinks Lochte made up the whole thing to throw off his lady love — who is in Rio herself – while he and his teammates partied with other women on the night in question.

The website reported earlier this week marriage was 'imminent' for the couple, after sources told TMZ they recently picked up their marriage license.

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After getting tipped by the unidentified worker, Renzo reached out to contacts who did security of the site.

No one would confirm or deny the authenticity of the assault, but "showed fear" when the subject was brought up. Renzo's suspicions were further confirmed when he saw security footage released by "This video brings another clue that the text I received is true.

Since then, she's met his family and things seem to be going well.

Kayla is currently in Rio with Lochte -- the two were acting all coupley at the Beats House over the weekend.

Lochte is only competing in one event (the men's 200 individual medley) and that goes down on Wednesday.

Other than that, the two have plenty of time for a couple's vacation.

Well, according to Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Renzo Gracie, Lochte made up the story just so he could get out of an argument with his main squeeze Kayla Rae Reid!

In an interview with , Renzo — who is a member the prominent martial arts Gracie family (think Brazil's version of the Kardashians, but trade headshots for headlocks) — claims that an anonymous tipster who worked in the Olympic Village texted him saying that Lochte's story was untrue.

" upon us all, we think it's a fair trade to get to see his, ahem, 'medal!

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