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Now granted it is usually at opposite ends of the spectrum, but all I can say is that the man did more than I've ever done in my life.-... And just like an addiction I have to read something everyday or I get seriously cranky. Yes friends, Kenchi618 is your new pope, here to lead your congregation of the log, because the pope is pimping!!! He had a cool attitude, his dialogue didn't suck, he had a hell of a backstory, he had his moments of pure win, and he was never placed as seeming more important than the main character himself. ), and he gets a power-up every five chapters (I'm probably exaggerating but you get the point) that each seem like the equivalent of Naruto's Sage Mode which was the only power-up he received for like 50 chapters at one point.

It utterly pisses me off when nothing is posted that entertains me in one, two, three days. God that was the greatest 5 bucks I've ever won off of anyone ever! - Let me specify this immediately: I DO NOT hate the Sasuke Uchiha character. So yeah, don't blame Sasuke for being the reason you hate him, blame Kishimoto.

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If you've got something that you want us to talk about on the show or a question that I/we may or may not be able to answer, you can send me a message, or send one to the comments on the Fandom Flux site for us to check out.

Random Thoughts From Me:- To anyone that actually cares or possesses one, I have a PS3 and my PSN name is the exact same as my name here, so...

yeah.- I cannot for the life of me remember what the fuck inspired me to first come to this site in November of 2009, but I do remember why I first started writing.

Because I read stuff that made me say, "I can do something just as good as that or better." And two months of saying that made me realize I needed to stop talking shit and actually put up or shut up.

If you do then you are lying to yourself and to me.

No matter what the target you find yourself laughing at it; a door, a porta-potty, a person...

So much so that I have to write my own shit to calm myself down. He made the number two guy in the series, a guy who was actually really cool, a total tool...the dialogue he constantly gives Naruto about Sasuke when the topic comes up is simply adding fuel to the fire for the yaoi writers which does not help his case of me hating him by any stretch of the imagination.- The Metal Gear video game series by Hideo Kojima is the absolute best series of video games in the world. If you disagree with me I don't need to meet you or even know your name or face, because if I did I would challenge you to a street fight with taped fists covered in glue and dipped in broken glass, because I want to destroy you. Anyway, I think you get the point by now.- Do not take yourself too seriously. If 200 people think you suck then that's no big deal...

For those of you aware of my usual update speed this is why; because when there's nothing to read, I write so maybe I can inspire someone to get off of their ass (or on their ass in this case) and write something that tickles my soul. The fact that people actually like what I do is a complete by-product of this addiction, but I ain't complaining.- I AM AWESOME!!! As a man there has been only one time that I have ever been moved to tears, and I have no problems saying this because I am more than confident enough in my own masculinity to admit this... of course if they all come out, can get into contact with you, and say it at the exact same time about the exact same thing then there might be a problem there.

This goes as far as me looking around randomly while in the midst of doing nothing, even in my own house.

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