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I don't really want to give anymore away on this, I'd rather you play the game and find out for yourself.

Mechanics: (Subject to Change) The game will be seperated into 'Chapters'.

I'm also working on a third mini-game which isn't based on Chloe, but a new protagonist, Sarah.

You (the player) will witness exactly how her life unfolded through the Therapy Sessions between Isabella and her Therapist.

The sessions will take you through different time zones of her life, leading up to the present.

Resitance & Acceptance Main Fetishes:(More are included) Corruption Moral Degeneration Pregnancy Body Modification Virgin Transformation Extras: Animation Female Protagonist More Information will be revealed after the Prologue has been release this JUNE! Read about it below and feel free to grab the game via the link at the end.

The story follows a young woman named, Chloe, on an adventure to become a great Police Officer.

This is where she meets up with her perverted Step-Dad and his equally perverted Son.

Chloe being asked to play Blackjack by her Step-Dad and his friends: Both of these mini-games are available as rewards for certain Patrons.

Chapter Two will have you take full control of the player doing acts on your own to fulfill an 'objective'.

There's also two kinds of variables in the game which will affect the outcome at the end and during the game.

She's hear's about a Therapist in town who has a high success rate in helping people with similiar symptoms. Dilner, a man who will commit completely to helping Isabella overcome her dark past of which she is plagued by.

Taking Isabella back to the start of her troubled teen life, filled with: bad men, bad friends, drugs, prositution, bad choices and humiliation.

At the end of the first week Chloe and the other Officers will learn of a Sex Trafficking Ring situated somewhere in town. All scenes on the weekends are based on choice and the level of corruption you are at.

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