Lucky 7 speed dating

Thanks again, Dear Cara, I think you can remove me from your mailing list.My one time adventure with Six Minute Dates was a success!

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Because of my success and your wonderfully run company I tell everyone how I met my boy and that they should try your company.

On July 20, I met Guy at the Bean Scene and it was great!

I just felt so strongly that I should be at that particular event... Anyway, thanks so much for your help with this and take care!

Just like to let you know I no longer need to be on your distribution list. Neil and I met at a Feb.10 2005 evening arranged by Six Minute Dates and recently got engaged. Cara, I wrote a month and a half or so ago to update you on my relationship that happened because of your company.

I am moving in with him and Guy is someone that I find myself looking into the future with.

Something I have never done or never thought possible.

We both chose one another and than emails were missed but things were figured out and we started dating on July 30.

Since August we have been apart for maybe 5 nights in total.

We enjoyed a great holiday together and we are still going strong! It was Darryl's first attempt at Speed Dating, but I was an old pro.

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