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You can walk, drive or bike through the park to view unique, natural red rock formations, gaining not only a sense for the beauty of the rocks themselves but the way the movement of the Earth put it all together. It’s a must to ascend the Continental Divide if you’re visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

The rock formations alone are the main draw for visiting Garden of the Gods. However, there is no need to get your hiking boots on – unless you want to.

Hammonds Candy Factory: It’s the sweetest tour in town. It begins with a short video regarding the factory’s history, and how particular candies were invented and the family who built the iconic Denver business.

Best Ages to Visit: 3-12 years old (children under three-years-old ride for free but must be in your lap). It will be hard not to walk away with pieces of American history after exploring in this type of interactive environment.

Location: Colorado Springs URL: Rocky Mountain National Park: Adventure awaits on top of the world! Best Age to Visit: Ages 4 years-old and up Location: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado URL: https://gov/meve/ TIP: Between the ages of 4-12 kids can take part in the Junior Ranger program.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but the older I get the faster time flies, regardless of if I’m having fun or not.

And, when it comes to my kids, I blinked yesterday and they were nine and seven-years-old.

A ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad not only offers a fun experience but it’s one with a history lesson attached.

The three miles of adventure between Georgetown and Silver Plume includes spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains, accompanied by the incredible feeling of stepping back into another time where the railroad ruled, mining was a way of life and outlaws littered the land.

Note, you will either need to arrive EARLY (before 8am) during peak summer season to get a parking spot and/or park in a lot about a half mile out from the formations and walk-in. Did you know the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop were actually in Colorado Springs? The camps are excellent as they let the kids enjoy the outdoors with other kids and gives parents a chance to do a more serious hike or not…

There are more than 15 miles of trails with the main trail – Perkins Central Garden Trail – being a 1.5-mile trail that runs through the heart of the park. Ok, so it might not be where Santa and his elves live but the North Pole in Colorado Springs is a fun, year-around way for kids to get/stay in the holiday spirit. Mesa Verde National Park: Climb into the lives of Colorado’s ancient tribes Mesa Verde National Park was the first national park established to “preserve the works of man”.

It climbs the 14,115 feet above the clouds to the top of Pikes Peak Mountain on a special track; it’s the highest cog railroad in the world. With most of the park being at least 8,000 feet high, it’s easy to soak in views from every angle. It’s literally a walking, climbing, and talking history lesson for kids on Native American life and culture.

(You need to make reservations in advance.) You can also drive the 19-mile scenic journey on the Pike’s Peak Highway. Kids can actually walk (and climb) through the cliff dwellings to really explore and grasp how people used to live.

But learning how they were made either in the parks museum or on a guided tour and then seeing them opens the door to a geology lesson for both kids (and adults). You can easily drive up Trail Ridge Road, which cuts you across the park east to west.

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