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The biggest cock I ever personally handled was on a guy I met at a bar.Not handsome, but cute, scruffy, remnants of bad skin.We weren't friends, just offered one another a friendly "Hello," with each passing.

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Hooked up with them on the dance floor and they invited me out to their car for some G. I was in the backseat, jerking them both off and saw the younger guy had a huge cock.

The older asked me if the younger could fuck me- I had only been screwed a couple times but wanted to try. Laughed it off and we jerked each other but I was pretty embarrassed. He would sit by our pool and I would bring him lemondade.

He was also Irish (so much for the "Irish problem").

The funny thing was, the guy was a total bottom and deeply masochistic.

Hand crept down gradually and I felt this huge dick inside his underwear -- totally hard. We had to be really quiet (2 guys in the other bed sleeping). Later on, in the privacy of our room back at school, we continued with full-out sex with each other, but the hottest memory of him is the first time I felt his cock through his underwear. When I was home from college one summer I went to my hometown gay dance club with a fake ID.

Lots of kissing and body contact, and I got to jack off that big cock (he liked it dry, for some reason). I met a couple (one older- early 40's, one younger mid 20's) that where both pretty hot.Eventually he seduced me, it was probably a good nine inches and really thick.I sucked it, horribly, and he forced it up my hole after a few times doing just oral. Called me a dirty little faggot and would cum on my face. I was the only one home, except for the Housekeeper who was always watching soaps and didn't pay attention.My parents never even realized that it was missing. And I guess I'm just not cool enough to casually refer to it as "G".The worst thing was that he'd been fucking me all summer, bareback. I love how the druggies think we're retarded for not knowing their lingo, especially about some drug that peaked in popularity about 2 decades ago.He was a shorty, so when he pulled out his 8.5, the thing looked freaking huge. I'm 7.5, and let me tell you, that extra inch he had made me look tiny.

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