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Rules at her children’s home meant the doors were locked at 10pm and residents not in by midnight would be reported missing.‘They used to let us go out. Staff knew the girls were having sex with older men,’ she said. Banks are helping fuel a dangerous debt binge by offering credit cards to families with little or no income.The doctor was 50 and really creepy.’Hussain is accused of getting violent when she refused to sleep with the surgeon. You wouldn’t f*** the doctor, you can at least f*** me.’The court heard 50 men were at the house at one point for the Eid festival celebrated by Muslims.

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Yasar Majid (left) arrives at Bradford Crown Court for the first day of his trial, accused of sexual abuse with nine other men. That was the time the police called me a prostitute and let the guy go,’ she said.

Parvaze Ahmed (right) another of the accused after the 24-year-old Bradford woman came forward having seen the Rotherham sex abuse scandal on television‘It referenced being groomed and going out with older males in cars and the police and social services doing nothing about it throughout my files,’ she said. She added that the men made her feel wanted and she thought sex and violence ‘came with the package’. Saeed Akhtar denies rape and causing or inciting child prostitution. Naveed Akhtar, 42, Mohammed Usman, 30, Kieran Harris, 27, Parvaze Ahmed, 35, and Yasar Majid, 36, all deny rape.

But five years on, it now has no minimum income threshold on the majority of its cards, according to Moneyfacts.

In 2012, Lloyds asked for minimum earnings of at least £15,000 a year on almost half of its cards, but this requirement has now been axed.

Lloyds, Halifax, Sainsbury’s, Yorkshire Bank and M&S have no minimum income requirement.

And Barclaycard, the biggest credit card provider, has slashed the salary threshold.

He would buy them alcohol and take them to a hotel, where he shared a bed with them and indecently assaulted them, the court heard. He knew how old we were.’ The court heard he later bragged: ‘They were mine, I found them.’ The gang would buy in large quantities of cocaine, the jury was told.

Earlier it was claimed she took 22 lines of cocaine in a single night. Each one would pretend to be going out with me and have sex a couple of times, and then it would be another one.’ She claimed social services files on her dated back to 2008 but the authorities did nothing.

A Pakistani gang sexually exploited a teenage girl, including trying to force her to sleep with a surgeon with a gold card, a court heard yesterday.

Ten men are accused of plying the girl with drink and drugs in return for sex during a three-year ordeal.

The woman said one gang member Saeed Akhtar, 54, told her: ‘Get more girls because my friends are coming up and I don’t want my friends thinking I can’t get girls.’She added that he was ‘trying to pimp me out’.

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