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Though it's commonly used to cook various island dishes, apparently it's also used for strange ceremonial rituals by the local natives. Iroha T-ShirtイロハシャツA regular t-shirt emblazoned with a cluttered poem. Passionate Glasses煩悩メガネGlasses that let you see your passions as they blend with reality.

They also have a function that lets you shoot your passion like a laser.

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It becomes the size of a ballpoint pen when you collapse it, allowing you to carry it with you freely. Girl with the Bear Hairpinクマの髪飾りの少女A masterpiece from the realist artist, Riskini Harden Phenomenon.

It was reported last year that he immersed himself in despair, and was constantly painting the entire time.107.

With its high-quality fashion sense and brightness, it increases the wearer's visibility by 10 percent.031.

Earring of Crushed Evil破邪のピアスAn earring created by the legendary home tutor.

Obtaining Toy Camera through the Vending Machine for 50 Monocoins will trigger an opportunity for a bonus cutscene during Chapter 3 (also accessible by replaying Chapter 3 from the Chapter Select screen).

You must have the item then speak to Hiyoko Saionji the morning after exploring the third island. Only the best of team managers are allowed to wear them. Fuyuhiko's Undergarments九頭竜のパンツFuyuhiko’s favorite underwear. Despite that, it doesn't seem like he wears them because he likes them. Apparently he doesn't have strong feelings toward his underwear. Compact Costume仮装のコンパクトBy chanting a secret spell, this mysterious compact mirror will transform you into anything. Even if you're a girl who doesn't stand out much, this item will help put you at the front and center.108. Apparently there is a white rabbit and red rabbit version of this book as well.052.

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