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Due to being sandwiched in by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Everglades wetland area to the west, the Miami metropolitan area is a lengthy 110 miles (180km) north to south, but never more than 20 miles (32km) east to west.

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Miami is a major city in the south-eastern United States and part of the largest metropolitan area in Florida.

Part of the South Florida region, it's 20 miles from Fort Lauderdale, 68 miles from West Palm Beach, 106 miles from Naples (Florida) and 156 miles from Key West.

Portuguese and French are other languages that may be encountered in Miami.

These languages tend to be spoken mainly around tourist areas.

Unlike Spanish, Haitian Creole is generally centered among the Haitian neighborhoods in northern Miami.

Most Haitians are more adapted to English than their Hispanic neighbors.Most speakers of these languages speak English as well.The simplest way to get a response in English is to use the "approach rule," where most locals will respond only in the language spoken to unless they are not able to speak it.Because of its low latitude Miami has a subtropical savannah climate.There are two seasons in Miami, a warm and dry season from November through mid April...a hot and wet season from May through October.At times winter can be quite dry with water restrictions and cold snaps.

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