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But another post is coming […]Springboarding from the previous post of medical CFNM action, comes one that is a bit different. I have gotten lots of inquiries about my personal medical CFNM experiences that I’ve had over the years.

Well, to be honest, I’ve had so much exposure to real life medical CFNM situations, it’s tough […]It’s always fun to present medical CFNM here on the All Things CFNM blog, as it’s something I get to experience frequently in my real life.

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I have to say that as a heterosexual male, NFCM & NFNM situations are sometimes just as erotic as a CFNM scenario, for the same reasons.

That’s why I’m showcasing both CFNM & NFNM fantasy medical exam sites’ Medical […]As I’ve already mentioned previously here on the blog here & here, CFNM TV (the video side of Adventures In CFNM) is updating with CFNM scenarios many of you haven’t seen before.

I’ve only come across a few sites that really address the specific medical CFNM scenario, and funny enough, they usually come from Czech Republic and Russia.

So, first up are two clips from […]This megapost of medical CFNM kinda goes off topic, but there’s a good reason for it.

I first want to say is despite rumour to the contrary, I AM planning on continuing All Things CFNM.

My recent behaviour of infrequent posting is partially due to burnout, needing a break, & working on the relaunch of this site.Messages sent by email are not secure and may be intercepted by a third party.In order to maintain your confidentiality, we will respond by email only to questions of general interest.To explain succinctly, technical difficulties with the video hosts delayed things big time!But these two fantasy medical setting CFNM from CFNMEU are interesting enough to make up for at least part of the delay.With that said, I’m going to be updating you all on some goings-on in […]Hey blog readers, I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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