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Or is it the mistress who has written the letter, has asked the maid to deliver it, and the maid is putting an awkward question to her employer?

The relation of mistress and maid resembles that of the Rijksmuseum (detail above right) , but in this reduced setting, without the conventional attributes of that work, there is only the ambiguity of a dumb show, and the focus is on the essential but ambivalent psychology of that relationship of quizzical servant and uncertain employer. 134 One of the most prevalent themes in Vermeer's paintings from the late 1660s is the letter writer.

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They also enhanced the three-dimensional quality of the figures since the modeling blended into the background.

Interestingly, despite the successful use of this format here, it is the only instance we know in which he used an undefined background for a large composition.

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In its precise rendering of both expression and gesture it challenges comparison even with Rembrandt.

The servant's interrogative gaze (detail left) is vivid, while the expression, the crucial expression, of the mistress is more obscure, partly because of the turn of her head, partly because of the elusiveness with which her features are represented.The folds are more pronounced and are articulated with increased clarity.The woman's hands are more simply poised and create quieter rhythms.The result is a powerful image, suggestive of movement and psychological interaction yet maintaining a classical dignity.Typically in Dutch art, maids were represented in genre painting, a context that stresses their subservient role within the hierarchy of a bourgeois household.Crazy Kinky encourages self-expression and aims to give people the courage to practice alternative sexual lifestyles and techniques such as chains, leather, bondage and domination.

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