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The computer room shut at pm so the boys had time to get back to the dorms on the other side of the campus by their 10pm curfew.

If an older boy was working hard on a project I would ring his dorm master and get him a curfew extension until 11pm.

Roger looked from the screen to me just as his body decided it was time to orgasm.

He shook and looked at me helplessly as his cock shot sperm over his bare legs and on to his shirt.‘Oh shit, Miss. ’ Roger said pulling his trousers up and trying to stuff his still hard cock into his underpants.‘Stand up. ’‘I hacked the filtering software and switched it off for this workstation.’ he admitted.‘How did you do that? I was still really turned on.‘I saw Mr Lincoln’s password and used that.’ he said.‘Right, you are on weekend report.

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I gasped at the site of the guy’s long cock impaling the woman’s shaven vagina.Get dressed.’ I shouted trying not to laugh at the poor lad. Go to your dorm and report to me tomorrow morning in my office.’ I said. Weekend report was a way of punishing boys who had broken the rules.Basically it meant that they sat indoors for a couple of hours doing something pointless.My name is Sally and I’m an English teacher in a private school for boys in the Oxfordshire countryside.I’m 32 years old, curvy, 5’ 8" and have long straight strawberry blond hair.S.-South Korean Exercises; Mideast`s Worst Drought in 900 Years May Have Contributed to Syrian War; The Inventor of Email Passes Away. Aired 4-a ET • Big Meeting To Discuss Ukrainian Conflict; Queen Elizabeth II To Officially Become Longest-Serving Monarch Later This Year; President Obama`s Crusades Comments At National Prayer Breakfast Stir Controversy • Freezing Temperatures from Great Plains to Deep South; Intense Manhunt in the Wake of Attack on Satire Magazine in Paris; Continuing Search for Black Boxes in Java Sea; Comeback of Mumps to U.

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