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Such an impression flows from the instances wherein the factual events where women's advice actually changed the course of Mongol history seem to contradict some of the utterances laid in the mouth of Chingis Khan.

One example is when Chingis' Tatar wife Yesui points out that it is time for him to designate a successor, should he fall in the war, Chingis allegedly replied: "Even though she is only a woman, what Yesui says is quite right." In view of other events that are referred in the Secret History, there is reason to seriously doubt that the Khan expressed himself this way.

Already early in the work, after the death of Temuchin's father Yesugei by poisoning, a convincing demonstration of female leadership is given.

When the authority of the wife of Yesugei and mother of Temuchin, Hoelun, was challenged by some of her deceased husband's rivals, the Tayichi'ut clan, which had been part of the congregation of tribes for whom Yesugei had been the leader.

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It is a feature of history that the men have been the prime political throughout human political history.

This is the reason why for example the main characters of the Mongol Empire are males.

This undoubtedly was an old rivalry now surfacing again, and the result was that the Tayichi'ut people abandoned Hoelun, and then forced the other members of the camp to follow them.

The Secret History describes mother Hoelun as holding the banner of her husband and shouting to them to return to her.

Nevertheless it would be a major mistake to infer that the Mongol society of the 1200's was inappreciative of female wisdom and that women did not wield authority.

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