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He spends the next minute or so frantically trying to pull his hands apart before the ball gets passed to him. After that play, he spends the rest of the game with a giant splotch of dark, dry glue on his jersey.

Episode: Stray Bullet The Power Puff Girls are stuck in flypaper laid by Mojo Jojo.

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Episode: Face the Raven The Doctor, Clara and Rigsy enter a hidden alien street in the middle of London.

When they enter, a system that prevent intruders to enter the street uses an energy that keep their feet stuck to the floor.

Unfortunately, her version of 'sticking together' is different to what happens because everyone gets stuck together with glue.

Thankfully, one of the children manages to reverse the wish.

She gets stuck in the glue of the Roach Motel trap and is subsequently killed.

Episode: Judy Miller, Come On Down A woman is in a nightmare where she's a contestant in a game show in which her family members are being tortured.

One "peril" was the sticky theater floors; several kids stood up but were unable to move as their shoes were stuck to the floor.

One girl stepped out of her large shoes to reveal she was wearing a pair of ballet flats inside them, and proceeded to escape.

Episode: Tar Pit Spike and Dopey get stuck in a tar pit.

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