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area in the southwestern portion of SCP-186 experiences a spontaneous die-off of trees.

Decomposition occurs on an extremely accelerated time scale, and area is completely cleared of trees and other plant life within two weeks.

area, is to be closed to the public under the auspices of a habitat restoration initiative for the European bison.

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This conflict came to be known to its participants as the Battle of Husiatyn Woods in surviving accounts.

In July of 1917, an armed engagement between a detachment of approximately 500 German soldiers and the remnants of a Russian division scattered during the German counterattack to the Kerensky Offensive took place at the location of SCP-186.

09/02/1932: The sounds of sporadic gunfire are recorded throughout the site, despite lack of observed presence of any civilians. 05/30/1936: Agents Chekhov and ██████████ fail to return from routine patrol of SCP-186.

No subsequent traces of either person are ever recovered.

All instances of SCP-186-1 are to be secured in the munitions wing of Site-23.

Description: SCP-186 is the site of an unrecorded military engagement occurring from 7/24/1917 to 8/13/1917 between elements of the Imperial German Army and forces of the Russian provisional government as part of the larger conflict of World War I, and the continuing effects resulting from its aftermath.

The forces met in heavily forested terrain outside the town of Husiatyn in what is currently Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine.

On both sides of the conflict, combatants deployed anomalous weaponry utilizing technology that has yet to be duplicated or understood at present.

08/12/1987: Packs of wolves, numbering an estimated 200 total individuals, travel to SCP-186, mass at a point in the central region of the site, and immediately disperse.

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