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Despite the President’s State of the Union speech last month proclaiming ‘Americans fill the world with art and music,’ there is no intention to invest in our nation’s future support of the arts and arts education.

Federal investment in the arts helps power the creative economy in America.

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The NEA generates more than $600 million annually in matching funds, helps shape a $730 billion arts and culture industry, supports 4.8 million jobs, and represents 4.2% of the nation’s GDP.

The most important thing you can do is to take two minutes to send a customizable message to your elected representatives in Congress and urge them to oppose any attempt to eliminate or cut funding to the NEA.

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According to the New Jersey Model Policy and Guidance for Incidents Involving Dating Violence, dating violence means a pattern of behavior where one person threatens to use, or actually uses physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse to control a dating partner.

Under the law, dating violence means domestic violence committed by a person against a victim with whom that person has (or has had) a dating relationship.

This is the second time in a row that President Trump has called on Congress to terminate the budgets of these agencies.

Ignoring the fact that Congress soundly rejected this same attempt last year, the Administration has once again proposed .9 million for the orderly close out of the NEA.

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