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Got a call from this number- They did not identify their self but just asked for someone by first name- Bla, Bla- When I told them I do not know how to contact the person, they said they would remove my number from their list- This is undoubtedly a debt collector I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up- Cincinnati Car Insurancefreecincinnaticarinsurancequotes-org Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH These are debt collectors, among other things, not a law firm- They've been trying to collect from me for months for a vendor that I have never used in my life- I made the mistake of calling them back- The information that they are debt collectors came out "as required by law,must inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt- Please call ," Somehow they have both my office number and cell number, which only my bank has- I finally reported them to my state AG, since calling at the office is illegal in my home state- I couldn't even find a website, but they call from a whole slew of number- Some of the posters here have gotten soliciting calls from other numbers, but the firm is Connelly, Cohen, and Crane-Google it, and you'll get a wealth of information on these con artists, as well as current scams You are called by this number several times without anyone one communicating to you- I called the number back and a recording came on that allows you to leave a message or Press "" to be removed from the calling list- No company name is stated or other information given- This is a generic outgoing message Fine if they are looking to renew but they found my number which is easy enough- They have my email and obviously my address but were never told they could contact me by phone land or cell so that's bs- And btw not renewing cause you doubled the subscription for Vanity Fair which is all ads anyway This is part of a trend in telemarketing to fool people into thinking they are speaking to a human - but it is really a computer- If you ask this recording if it is 'human' it will laugh and say - oh no, im a person - or 'I apologize, i actually have a slight cold today' - or a few different canned phrases- TOTALLY CREEPY - A COMPUTER THAT LIES, - several calls have been made to a private unlisted # that is on a do not call list- I called Kay Jewelers back to advise them that the person they're looking for is not at the number they're calling and the calls are disturbing me at work- The calls continue to happen and I called them back again today and was told they would put a note in the system to stop the calls, however that's what I was told prior to the calls from them after that A man called last night from this number , asking for Marcella Trout, a name that lots of people ask for when they call our number: debt collectors and telemarketers alike- I told the man that he had the wrong number and to please take this number off their list to call- He said "Ma'am, I don't know what you are smoking, but we don't have any list, so go back to what you were smoking-" This number was on the caller id & I called it back & heard their message, it was Environmental Products, their hours are - Mon-Thurs & Fri , I just tried to call again and got the same message- I did not leave a message- I hope this is being reported and investigated- There should be consequences for this man to talk like that to anyone I got a call from this old lady every Friday claiming to be calling her daughter- Either this person is totally blind or just freaking annoying- Every Friday I have to cuss her a out but she continue to call- I've pleaded and begged her to stop calling and she refuses- So, I started calling back several time to annoy her I've received calls from them on Sept th @ :pm, Sept th @ :pm, and today (Sept th @ )- I didn't answer any of the calls and they didn't leave a voicemail- I tried sending back a text to ask "Who is this? Microsoft or a different famous software company, or one of their agents did NOT cold call you to fix your computer-? The IRS will snailmail you, rather than phone you, if there is a problem-? If you Vanilla Card, Money Gram or Western Union money to a scammer, the money is gone-?

" All I received was a text from " " stating " Error Invalid Number- Please re-send using a valid digit mobile number or valid short code- Who is this? You should beware of Geeks bearing gifts, specially if the gift is a wooden horse with termites, or a statement that your computer is infected-?

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0390883 location is traced at Melbourne, Melbourne - Victoria, Australia.

To trace a mobile phone number from 0390883 series, search mobile phone number above.

This phone number rang and as i didnt know it, i chose not to answer it.

When i rang it back, it rings weirdly like with a melody instead of the normal dialling/ringing tone, then a voice recording comes on "Your call is important to us, please stay on the line and a you will be transferred to the next available agent" Then i hung up.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 0390883.

Please call TOLL FREE for IMMEDIATE assistance now at , Before you close this window it is strongly advised that you call now for assistance at , Browser: Fireox IP: , Note: later received identical message, but with , Got a call from "Alice White" with a heavy Indian accent, with the same story as above- Knowing it was a scam I said I was busy and could I have a number to call back- The number she gave me was , I asked where area code was and she said Albany, NY- Area code is in New Jersey- The caller ID just said out of area Keeps calling at all times of day, and even at work, even after being asked to stop several times- If you pick up, its an automated machine- Are they even allowed to do that?

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