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My favorite part though, was that guy’s response who just smiled and showed the wedding ring on his finger.He wasn’t even with his significant other when the attractive woman flirted with him but he made it clear he’s not interested. Don’t forget to share this hilarious prank video with your buddies on social media.In the best Southern tradition her disapproving father forces him to join the service or go to jail.

To everyone’s surprise, a look-alike of the supreme leader danced in front of Pyongyang’s cheerleaders. Ted captured the hilarious moment on film and uploaded it on Facebook, where it was viewed 22 million times and shared over 400,000 times.

Let's remember the good ole days Image: Locklear80s Image: https:// SCGGH9LU0K3SS5msc/fit-in/1024x1024/filters:format_auto-!! -/upl1/0/88/17_2008/MR_21419PCN_Loclear Surf02wtmk/i/Heather-Hot-Flirty-40It must be seriously depressing to be a hot female and seeing age take away something you've had since puberty.

The first was Emelie Gaudet, the love of his life . Now, only his mortally ill grandma can bring the injur THE BAYOU'S BADDEST BAD BOY IS BACK!

Joining the Navy was the second best thing that ever happened to Justin "Cage" Le Blanc, the rebel son of a no-account convict. until he was forced to leave town and swore there would be snow on the bayou before he ever returned.

The first was Emelie Gaudet, the love of his life . Now, only his mortally ill grandma can bring the injured Navy SEAL back to Terrebone Parrish, where he must face his past-and Emelie, who's even more beautiful than she was all those years ago.

Bourbon Street blues singer Emelie is once bitten, twice shy.Emelie doesn’t know why he took off and SHE tries to contact him.They are both unsuccessful and feel betrayed and abandoned and she marries another man.It’s always heartwarming when we hear about good father-and-son relationships.This story below shows us exacty that but in a very interesting, funny way: through a series of pranks.To be honest, what made the scenes really hilarious was seeing how the guys tried to explain what just happened to their wives and girlfriends.

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