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When alleged perpetrators are powerful, the company may decide it’s worth paying out a few hundred thousand dollars in settlements to make a problem go away.

That comes with one major problem: In many cases, these men continue to sexually harass staff.

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At other times, however, improper sexual conduct does not involve physical contact or force.

Some examples of improper sexual conduct that does not include physical contact or force are verbal harassment, threats, intimidation, and peeping into or under a person's clothing.

In the event that you have been the victim of, or witness to, any crime, including a crime of a sexual nature, you should immediately report it to law enforcement, including NYPD and MTA Police Officers.

If you have been the victim of, or a witness to, any form of improper sexual conduct, you should immediately report it to law enforcement or an MTA employee.

An example of this is Tanisha only responding to Franklin, and Chef responding only to Trevor.

Furthermore, some services such as Merryweather and Pegasus Lifestyle Management can only be properly used by the Online Player in Grand Theft Auto Online.Back to Top Safety Tips Don’t try to handle it on your own The situation could escalate.Do tell an MTA employee or a Police Officer On the subway - You can also report an incident by using a Customer Service Intercom or Help Point device, which will connect you to a staff person who can take your report and alert law enforcement. Back to Top You can make our public transportation system safer one action at a time, but too often people feel helpless when they witness improper sexual conduct .These numbers can be called but will generally forward you to "filler" material.These are used to realistically fill the world with many phone numbers while at the same time giving them use.Here are a few things you can do to intervene, safely. R and Metro-North Railroad 212-878-1001 National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673) or visit: York City Anti-Violence Project Hotline Serves lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender queer and HIV-affected individuals 212-714-1141.

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