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Brother."What do you think about Drew and Jonathan Scott's dating secrets?Share your thoughts below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.The 38-year-old "Property Brothers" star has even took his special someone to a recent Disneyland escapade, as per Hollywood Life.

But what was really interesting was the admission that the other half of the "Property Brothers" duo often caught the attention of women through magic, People reported.

The interview, however, took an NSFW turn when the "Property Brothers" twins Drew and Jonathan Scott mentioned about "tight jeaned renovations," "Boner" (referencing to Handler's segment about Kenneth Bone) and "masturbating." But it wasn't the first time that HGTV's infamous twins went NSFW as Jonathan had previously performed a pole dancing act when he lost the challenge on "Brother vs.

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Unfortunately, their popularity also comes with a great price, which is the never-ending speculations about their sexuality.

Despite those nasty gay rumors and claims that Drew and Jonathan Scott are interested in men, the "Property Brothers" stars prove their detractors wrong as HGTV's most sought-after siblings are actually off the market.

For all the men out there, you better take note of the twins' NSFW dating secrets.

During an appearance on Chelse Handler's Netflix talk show, "Chelsea," Drew and Jonathan Scott of HGTV's "Property Brothers" got candid about their relationship statuses, with Drew admitting his 6-year relationship with girlfriend Linda Pham and Jonathan finally revealing the name of his current squeeze, Jacinta, who came after he remained single for quite a time following his first marriage that ended in divorce.

"Your best friends and co-workers may have tried to hook you up with people they know, but it's hard to tell them that what you like are kinky guys or girls, right?

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