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My eyebrows shot up when I discovered that two of her bookmarks were for webcam sites.

It wasn't until then that I noticed the little webcam sitting on top of the computer.

I was rather pleased when I recognized the name and address as Jimmy Chambers, someone I used to hang around with back in ninth grade. "Yes Ma'am, in the flesh." "Why boy, we haven't seen you since you and your mom moved to the other side of town! The swing of those hips and the long, lean curve of her legs hadn't changed in the three years since I saw her last.

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It was a welcome change from all the extensive studying I had been doing for the last few years.

A job, I mean a Real Job – one that actually paid me for all the years I had spent playing with computers and the Internet.

He appeared to be sliding a small vibrator into his mother's pussy while she was stroking his cock with one hand and squeezing one of her breasts with the other.

That picture alone nearly made me cum in my pants without even the slightest touch.

I arbitrarily began to open some of the files and nearly fell out of my chair as I saw pictures of women masturbating, guys jerking off (lots of those), and quite a few pictures of young guys having various forms of sex with older women.

Then I clicked on the "documents" button and noticed that a large number of the contents were screen captures. What I saw next left me frozen in place with one the hardest woodys I had ever experienced.

I even went so far as to peek on her while she was taking a shower or changing clothes after a swim in their small pool.

As we entered her bedroom, Louise walked over to the bed and picked up a pair of lacy panties that were lying on the floor. " "Of course, Lousie, I remember it all like it was yesterday." As she reached the door, she paused then turned around slowly. I'm sorry, I didn't mean," She cut me off in mid-sentence. I knew you and Jimmy both were stealing peeks, and to be honest with you, I rather liked it.

The sequence showed the two people getting closer to orgasm, each picture taken a few seconds apart. I just sat there, my mouth agape as they popped open on the screen.

The first one was of Louise and Jimmy sitting side-by-side and engaged in mutual masturbation.

The second picture was of Jimmy leaning back while Louse had her mouth fastened upon his cock.

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