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The RPR development team has completed the annual Esri data refresh which includes over 1 billion data points!

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The five encrypted electronic list tools the article describes, in alphabetical order, are: 1Password, Dashlane, Kee Pass, Last Pass, and Roboform.

A key problem with an encrypted electronic list is that fiduciaries and family members need to know your master password in order to read your list while you are incapacitated or after you are deceased.

So, I only need to remember one master password, then I can use the electronic list to keep track of all my separate, strong passwords for each online account that I use.

An electronic list can be stored on a smartphone, a computer, a portable storage device, or in the cloud.

Without the master password, the list may be practically impossible to access (, if the list is protected with strong encryption and a strong password).

One idea is to use a hybrid method by keeping an encrypted electronic list of your passwords, online accounts, and digital property plus keeping a separate written instruction sheet describing how to find and access your encrypted electronic list, including the master password.

Thus allowing you to uncover opportunities and create competitive advantages for you and your clients.

In computer science, a heap is a specialized tree-based data structure that satisfies the heap property: if P is a parent node of C, then the key (the value) of P is either greater than or equal to (in a max heap) or less than or equal to (in a min heap) the key of C.

Keep the separate written instruction sheet in a secure location, like a safe deposit box or a home safe.

Another idea is to use a Web-based service to both keep your encrypted electronic list and provide a mechanism for designated fiduciaries or family members to access the unencrypted list.

In addition to being a time-saver, it also encourages you to use separate, strong passwords for each of your online accounts (if you’d like to learn more about strong passwords, read this article from Microsoft on Six Rules for Safer Financial Transactions Online).

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