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The unemployment rate of people with disabilities tends to double the rate of people without disabilities. It won’t improve your circumstance much to get your education and end up unemployed anyway.

That’s not to say that it can’t be done–there have been many, many successful students that have overcome disabilities and found successful academic lives, and successful careers. These numbers indicate a growing trend in enrollment as more and more schools develop the necessary resources to support this group of students.

While education does open many door for people to achieve more satisfying and higher paying careers, education should be understood in the context of employment.

Many schools offer a traditional college experience complete with living on the dorms and going to classes, but in recent years distance learning has grown as a legitimate choice for students hoping for a university education.

In fact, many top tier universities have some kind of distance learning or online program that makes it easier for students to attend class.

Many impairments fall under the overall umbrella of disability and may include the following: blindness, chronic health impairments, deafness or being hard of hearing, mobility impairments, head injuries, ADHD, learning disabilities, psychological disabilities, and developmental disabilities.

The range of disabilities is wide, but thankfully students with disabilities are entitled to certain rights in the United States that maintain an even playing field for everyone.

For some students with disabilities, this is interpreted as a time to stand on their own and ignore the help available from schools.

However, this independence can have a significant negative impact on their academic performance.

Students could not be restricted because of their disabilities, and could also not be advised into a more limited career choice because of their disabilities.

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