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Veronica is a fantastic facilitator in joint sessions with partners, friends, family members.She supports each individual's concerns or views so they can become a partner in creative solutions to long-standing issues.

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I've replaced old ways of thinking and acting, with new habits so I can let go of a lot guilt and shame that was weighing me down physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Asking for what I want or need from others, seems so simple and yet it has been incredibly difficult for me, even when my own safety is at risk, I have frozen and become silent during times when asserting firm boundaries was critical!

She was there in an hour of need and helped me explore what might have felt uncomfortable speaking with anyone else.

Her wisdom is very common sense, I always thought after meeting with her, "why didn't I think of that?

My time with Veronica is radically changing my life beyond what I knew was possible. Debbie Hospital Vice President She is ahead of her time, spilling sex secrets centuries old and unique relationship advice.

She helped me through crisis and has enriched the path to greater connection, joy and truth. Her sex therapy practice is more than just a boring college degree and ideas she read from a book.

She has unique and personal knowledge of what I always dreamed of having.

A dream of keeping my mans full attention with intense passion, emotional depth, and intrigue for years to come.

I offer an holistic and unique approach to relationship difficulties, combining Sexology with Anger Management techniques in my Couples Clinics and Role Playing Sessions. " moment for my clients and seeing the sparkle in their eyes return.

More than anything, I am here to help you enjoy the love and intimacy you have always dreamed of.

Imagine feeling confident that the two of you will not only create solutions which satisfy both of you but that each of you will feel closer and safer and more in love than ever before.

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