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If your Outlook data is indexed by Windows Search, you’ll not only get lightening fast search results within Outlook but also outside of Outlook such as the search fields in Windows Explorer and the Start Menu.For this, many search operator and fields are available.This is a reference guide to these operators and fields and how to use them.

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As of March 1, 2017, you can no longer download Office 2013 via the Office 365 portal.

When you still need it, you can download it via a direct link or the Office Deployment Tool.

This guide contains instructions how to use the the Print to One Note feature to export your Notes.

It also contains a macro which allows you to export in a more direct way via the [email protected] service.

Pst-files, unless you are using an Exchange or Hotmail account, Outlook cannot live without them.

This guide contains basic but also more advanced and additional background information about the pst-file and how you can handle them.

Thinking about upgrading your computer to Windows 8 or are you using Outlook on a Windows 8 computer already?

This guide contains not only upgrade preparation and troubleshooting steps but also various tips about the changes that you could encounter involving Outlook after upgrading to Windows 8.

Planning to downgrade to a previous version of Outlook or want to be able to open your pst-file in a previous version of Outlook?

This guide provides solutions to various problems you may encounter when trying to downgrade Outlook or when you need to remain compatible with previous versions of Outlook.

For some actions, such as a backup process, Outlook needs to be closed.

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