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When employees appeared disloyal, they were fired or their telephones were tapped.

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They graduated from high school in 1956, and continued dating after Bill enrolled at Stanford University.

But within a year, the otherwise academically stellar young man came back to Boise and enrolled in what was then Boise Junior College. 7, 1957, Bill and Diane were married at First Presbyterian Church in Boise and they honeymooned in San Francisco.

Faced with the most damning accusations of his career, Bill issued just one statement - a passionate defense of his wife.

Both Bill and Mary declined to be interviewed for this story. Carolyn was two years older; Jackie came 12 years later.

The couple, once crowned the most glamorous and visible team in corporate America, had become one of its most vilified. FROM THE BEGINNING William Mc Reynolds Agee was born Jan. Their father, Harold Jessie Agee, was a man of many careers and experiences - manufacturing executive, dairy farmer, state legislator, son of a Baptist minister.

The Agees lived in Boise until 1953, when Harold and his wife Suzanne moved the family to a dairy farm near Meridian.

An important part of the answer lies in the personalities of Agee and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Cunningham Agee.

In scores of interviews across the nation, the couple - rather than Bill Agee alone - emerge as key players in one of the most talked-about financial debacles in recent history.

Meanwhile, MK's board swelled with prominent Catholic businessmen who seemed unable to police Bill's work.

As the business spiraled into a financial black hole, he drew multimillion-dollar paychecks, put personal bodyguards on MK's payroll, and ferried his family around the world in the company jet.

Controversy continues to swirl in Boise and the corporate world about Agee's stewardship and the role of his wife, Mary Cunningham Agee.

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