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Raven adopts a new look, name, and alter ego as Lady Legasus when she discovered the possibilities of using her legs and feet.Opposite to her dark attire, she wears a golden-yellow one-piece leotard outfit, with matching boots, cuffs, and a Lady Legasus logo in the center.Then one day before she joined the Teen Titans, she was causing havoc in Jump City because her dad told her to do so.

Underneath, she wears a leotard-like suit, with long sleeves reaching to her hands, and black shoes with long violet socks.

She also wears blue and white knee socks in "Artful Dodgers", red and white knee socks in "Boys vs Girls", and purple and white knee socks in "Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt".

While she was doing the laundry (which it was actually Robin's turn), she wears a bathrobe with a hood similar to her cloak and pink bunny slippers.

Since she curses the Titans' clothing on purpose to come to life and attack the Titans themselves, this results in her wearing Robin's uniform.

An orange scrunchie was tied onto the right of her head.

At first, Raven is characterized as lethargic, quiet, snobbish (as in multiple occasions she was seen gloating at other’s troubles) and rarely happy but passionate and easily enraged.

Raven wears PJs, which include a dark violet-blue hoodie with a purple pony (possibly a Pretty Pretty Pegasus pony), alder shorts with small ponies on it (which are surprisingly small), white socks with a purple stripe, and pink bunny slippers. In her true demonic form, she resembles her father.

She has red skin, four yellow eyes, two pairs of horns, and white hair.

She's a sarcastic, deadpan demon girl who would rather be left alone.

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