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It is named after the city’s patron saint, the Virgen Blanca, who is said to be watching over the citizens from her perch up in the Church of San Miguel.

The square is also the starting point of Vitoria’s annual festival.

The building is even more impressive in the interior than on the outside.

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Vitoria-Gasteiz is the most modest of all the Basque cities.

It doesn’t have a fancy beach like San Sebastian nor a Guggenheim Museum like Bilbao and because of this it is often overlooked. Vitoria offers visitors many of the same things other Basque cities do but it also offers things they don’t. Many buildings there date back to the 1500’s and earlier and are very nicely preserved.

The restoration is ongoing and the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation is in charge of the work and manages guided tours.

If you are interested in seeing the live restoration in progress and archeological ruins of a 13th-century sanctuary, then a visit to the old cathedral might be a good idea.

The building was conceived at the beginning of the 13th century by the King of Castile Alfonso VIII as a church-fortress, rising at the highest point of the hill where the settlement of Gasteiz first began.

In 1994, the cathedral was closed to the public and attempts to save the crumbling structure began.

Every year on the 4th of August at 6 pm, locals gather to watch Celedón come down from the tower of the Church of San Miguel, marking the start of the Virgen Blanca Festival.

In the middle of the Virgen Blanca Square stands the monument portraying the “Battle of Vitoria” (21st of June of 1813) against Napoleon’s troops.

If you arrive to the city by car or bus, you will notice the endless construction of new modern apartment blocks.

The city has really expanded in recent years and since Vitoria isn’t limited by any geographical boundaries, it has been easy for it to grow outward.

The almond-shaped center is also partly surrounded by a wall from the 11th century along with several impressive watchtowers. Bendaña and Escoriaza-Esquivel Palaces are two excellent examples of renaissance architecture that should not be missed.

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