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Think of them the same way you would healthy eating, physical activity, or proper sleep.Vaccines are a proven and safe way to prevent serious infections.

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This will depend when they got their first vaccine.

Your child will get this first vaccine between the ages of 4 and 6 years.

Ottawa Public Health keeps a record of your child's vaccinations to help protect public safety.

This is important if there is ever a disease outbreak. Learn more about tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis below. Your youth's doctor will give you a record of all your youth's vaccinations.

Update their little yellow book each time your youth gets a vaccination. Keep it in a safe place with other documents, like birth certificates and passports.

You may need your immunization record for: Traveling to countries where the diseases are common Going for emergency health care Going to work Living in residence at university or college Starting university or college, especially in health care programs Going to summer camp Transferring to a new school in another area Report all your youth's vaccinations to Ottawa Public Health.

You will receive a consent form from Ottawa Public Health when your youth needs a vaccine. Students are old enough to give consent for the vaccines but usually co-sign along with their parent(s).

Make sure that you and your youth sign and return your youth's form the day of their vaccine clinic.

Although we rarely see most of these diseases in Canada now, they still exist. Your body will make antibodies when you get a vaccine.

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