Purity in christian dating

In Christian education we deal with the transcendent. Christian education discusses the eternal, secular education the here and now.

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God-centered education puts all history into the right perspective; it brings meaning to literature, respect and sanctity to life, standards and authority to decisions about social problems, and direction to philosophy.• Concerned with things that last.

Christian education has the authority to speak about more than this visible world, the world that is passing away.

This was on the mummified body of a young Egyptian woman who died in 300BC.

Two thousand and more years later Egypt, though with a law against FGM, is one of the African countries with a high incidence of mutilation.

Without revelation, you cannot reason your way to sacrificial love. Once a surgeon friend invited me to watch a stapedectomy, a microsurgical procedure on the three small bones of the inner ear, enabling a deaf person to hear.

Since the surgery is not painful, the patient needs only a local anesthetic.

The media constantly seek the opinions of university professors.

Amid all that, pastors and Christian educators are likely to feel like second-class educators, people who "merely" teach the Christian faith, while "real" educators are out there shaping the world. So periodically, I like to remind myself and other Christian educators about the difference between secular education and our calling.

I have talked to midwives in the UK who have been asked by the husband of a woman who has just given birth to restitch her vagina.

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