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Lowered drop rates for Havoc Keys will also be added into the game, if you get one of these keys you can trade it in for IRL cash Via Paypal, or OSRS gp.

The consideration of Havoc Keys potentially being added to some boss drop tables is also something that can potentially happen.

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DBCember was Team Four Star's contribution to the trend of Web Video producers creating multi-day Advent Calendar-style productions to celebrate the winter holidays, which was popularized in 2014.

I'm very excited to announce the King of the Skill event which will be taking place here on Havoc.

King Vegeta knew this could be trouble for him, so he kinda maybe tries to kill his dad Paragus, and then he stabs Broly to death.

In this case, TFS created a list of their Top 24 series (non-film, non-Taka: Alright, so most people watching this list already know the story; Broly was a baby with a power level of 10,000.

Server updates: Special thanks to these individuals for helping on our test servers the last 10 days to assist with the development of this project, in no particular order: @Avi @Checked @Rasta @Uhm @Drops @[email protected] @N0m4g3 @THE NEW KID @Heist @Zap Best regards, Havoc Administration team Edgeville Invader: Distraction and Diversion Every 2 hours a boss will invade Edgeville it can be (Glod, Bandos Avatar or Slash Bash). The boss is safe Has 25k HP All 3 bosses have varying mechanics and are intentionally difficult Everyone who participated and dealt over 1,500 damage gets 30 minutes of double experience Top damager gets 30 minutes of double slayer drops and 60 minutes of double experience Spawns behind Edgeville. I have no ETA as this is a large project and I'm just one lad.

Normal content updates and additions will continue, however.

I'd like to personally thank everyone who has supported us through this tedious change in administration and the re-release of Havoc.

However with that said we have a bright future ahead of us! Server updates: Through the sale of 3 different sized "Donator Scrolls" you can turn your Havoc in-game currency into OSRS GP by purchasing the scrolls from players and swapping them to OSRS GP.

King of the Skill will be a competition of efficiency.

On Friday, May 25th at 1PM EST the competition will be live.

Server updates: Greetings Havoc community members - I hope everyone had an excellent holiday.

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