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Incidents of jaw-dropping stupidity brought about by a character's excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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The Alcohol-Induced Idiocy trope can also be used as An Aesop about the dangers of over-consuming alcohol and drunk driving.

Unfortunately, instances of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy are so common that this is Truth in Television.

As a spokeswoman for Nabisco, Miss Ray has her perky face plastered on boxes of Ritz and Wheat Thins crackers.

I just typed "Christian" and "sex toy" in the same sentence and it does not involve somebody picketing outside an adult business.

If the character is normally dimwitted, getting drunk will make him even dumber.

This tends to overlap with In Vino Veritas: Often, the character committing the act of alcohol-induced idiocy will be an otherwise sensible and reasonably intelligent person when sober.

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