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Who among us doesn't want to have a perfect life where you are forever young, beautiful, and life is exactly how you want it to be? Virtual dating can seem a bit sad if taken too seriously.

As in the real world, there is also the unpleasantness of breaking up in cyber-space. Alright, there is also something called Virtual Reality Dating that combines the real world with the virtual world.

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It is designed for those people, who have met a real person online through a social media site, to get better acquainted before committing to an actual live date.

If you've met someone online, and exchanged some witty texts and so forth, do you know what he or she is really like? Before you commit to meeting in the flesh, invite them to spend an hour or two in a VR Dating simulator. You can invite the real online connection to spend time in your virtual condo or go to a virtual hotspot.

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If you're up to an interesting search you need to forget what you think you know about Internet dating and visit a site called Second Life. Your avatar can explore the world, known as the grid, meet other avatars, socialize, and participate in individual and group activities.

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