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A physician Obstetrician & gynecologist, Alma is divided between two loves: the character of Bruno Garcia and the character of Rodrigo Hilbert.

Still in 2009 , she played the role of Dora in the novel Viver a Vida, marking the return of the actress in a novel by Manoel Carlos after almost 10 years.

In 2000, the actress appeared to the great public, when interpreting another prostitute, Capitu, of Laços de Família, novel of Manoel Carlos.

The chemistry with her love interest, actor Luigi Baricelli , captivated audiences and critics, Her character dictated fashion in the streets with veils, jewelry and exotic makeup that characterized the Muslim.

They started a relationship in 2002 and on May 24, 2005 Giovanna's first child was born and Murilo's second child, Pietro.

In November of the same year, the couple's definitive separation took place.

The character of Giovanna, Claudia is betrayed by her boyfriend, Rubinho ( Victor Pecoraro ), with the daughter of the maid of his house.

She travels to Cartagena, Colombia, to work and at the airport meets Vicente (Ricardo Pereira), a state prosecutor, who is going to the same place in order to end the engagement of his beloved.

In 2016, Antonelli is invited to participate in the new novel of the 6, of Walther Negrão and Suzana Pires, Sol Nascente interpreting the protagonist Alice Tanaka, daughter of Kazuo Tanaka (Luis Mello) and making romantic pair with Mario (Bruno Gagliasso) and César (Rafael Cardoso).

When participating in the novel O Clone, fell in love with its romantic pair in the plot, the actor Murilo Benício.

Exhibited by the extinct Rede Manchete, Giovanna was one of the angeliquetes, stage assistants of the attraction.

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