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Dynamic Fill does this by greatly reducing the effort required to create markups and removing redundancies where a single selection can be used to create multiple elements, such as measurement markups and Spaces.

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Along with the new ellipse cutout option, cutouts can now be copied and pasted within Area and Volume measurements.

Additionally, the polygon cutout can cut through an edge of an Area or Volume measurement, reforming the overall boundary of the measurement.

From within the right-click context menu, both Polylength and Perimeter measurements can be split on an interior control point or any segment.

Similarly, a Polylength or Perimeter measurement can be resumed from the right-click content menu initiated from either end control point.

Automatic Form Creation makes adding form fields to a PDF a quick and seamless process.

Revu will detect potential form fields on an open document, recognize the input type, and automatically place the appropriate form fields into the document where they were originally detected.

Batch Sign & Seal makes it possible to apply a digital signature or document certification across a batch of files.

Manually place a signature or automatically place it on any number of pages within each document by selecting any predefined digital signature form field.

Tool Chest items can be accessed as well, allowing you to include the exact materials and measurements you need with a simple yet powerful set of tools.

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